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ClaimPlace usability
Usability & Information Architecture
ClaimPlace wanted to create an efficient Web application to conduct subrogation as well as a Web site for claim entry. We mapped out the existing workflows and identified areas that needed improvement. By taking the information we received from the endusers and the knowledge we acquired about the industry and subrogation, we created a more practical workflow that catered to the enduser. Our goal was to ensure that the subrogation handlers job was easier and less time was spent navigating through the existing application and more time doing the part of their job that they enjoyed. We created workflow, sitemap and wireframes as a deliverable to the client so they could “experience” the new flow and work we were proposing. 
ClaimPlace design
User Interface Design
The client had no branding standards but wanted to be able to co-brand with carrier sites. To minimize redesigning efforts because they wouldn't have the internal staff, we created several designs that provided a general area for the carrier's logo. Final comps and page design were derived from the wireframes which initially were UI engineered. However, once we got to visual design, more UI needed to be applied to make the site more user friendly. Five HTML comps of the first and second layer were presented to the client which they selected one and we moved forward to page development.